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What Are Summer Camp Activities?

Jan 13, 2020

What are summer camp activities is a question that is going to be followed by a very long answer. People who have never gone to summer camp, will ask, What are summer camp activities and that is a legitimate question. If you haven’t experienced summer camp, then you would have no idea. Let me answer the question as detailed as I can.

Summer camp activities at Camp W are athletics like baseball, softball, volleyball, flag football, gag a ball, tennis, basketball, dodgeball. Pilo polo, floor hockey, capture the flag, karate, gymnastics and miniature golf. There are other sports but I think you get the idea. Creative Arts activities at Camp W are arts and crafts, ceramics, cooking, drama, dance, easel painting, music, lip sync, and spa class. Other camp activities that are unique at Camp W are remote control cars, game room, camp lounge, Lego room, rocketry, plastic models, woodworking, fitness room, virtual reality room, nerf room, newscasters, camp yearbook, camp newspaper, how to be a dj and drama. Creative Arts, Athletics and Unique activities are all on camper’s schedule for the 8 weeks at Camp W. There are also special activities throughout the summer that campers will enjoy. Some of the special activities at Camp W are,Visiting Day, Camp Sleepover, Cray Hair Day, trip to Adventureland, trip to Dave & Busters, trip to a Long Island Ducks game, trip to the movies, Color War. Game Truck, Waterslide, Olympics, Future Day and Scavenger Hunt.

One may ask why are these summer camp activities and the response is, that’s why camp is so special because you are not going to do all this anywhere else. School is based on education so there is not enough time to do these fun activities. Camp is so enjoyable because of these special activities and that’s why kids loving attending Camp W because they can enjoy all of these summer camp things.