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summer camp general information


  • Campers can attend Camp W for 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 weeks, however since there are limited spots in each group, campers who sign up for the seven, eight or the whole summer, receive priority when registering. People who drop weeks may lose their child’s spot in camp.
  • In grades Pre-K through 2nd grade there is a maximum of twelve campers per group. 3rd grade through 7th grade there are no more than fifteen campers in a group. Our 8th/9th grade groups have a maximum of twenty campers.
  • Each activity is thirty-five minutes long. Each group has five minutes to get to their next scheduled activity. There are eight activities on a camper’s schedule.
  • Camp starts at 8:30 am and camp ends at 3:20 pm. —Early Care starts at 7:30 am and Late Care ends at 5:55 pm. There is no charge for using Early care or Late Care.
  • Bus transportation is available for campers residing in Bethpage, Commack, Dix Hills, East Northport, Greenlawn, parts of Huntington, Melville, Old Bethpage, Plainview and Syosset. 
  • Campers in 2nd grade and up participate in Choice Periods. Choice Periods are in the afternoon and allow campers to pick their activities.
  • There are twenty-five athletic activities, twenty-five creative art activities and thirty unique activities for campers to enjoy.
  • Weeks one through six every camp group follows a schedule. Week seven is all Special Events (Color War, Staff Talent Show etc.) Weeks eight and nine are our trips weeks.