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Camp W Day Camp Parent Resources
Camp W Day Camp Activities & Programs
Camp W Day Camp Activities & Programs
Camp W Day Camp Activities & Programs
Camp W Day Camp Activities & Programs
Camp W Day Camp Activities & Programs
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Long Island Summer Camp W Staff

Camp W’s enthusiastic staff is the foundation and backbone of the camp. Our nurturing and experienced counselors include professional teachers, parents, and college students. Counselors call parents weekly to discuss each child’s Camp W experience and are always available to speak with you. Our staff is committed to getting to know your child and to providing an exciting, enjoyable and safe summer experience for every camper.

Evan Wofsy, Camp W Summer CampOwner DirectoEvan (Owner/Director)

Evan (Owner/Director) Evan Wofsy brings more than 30 years of experience to bear as director of Camp W. He genuinely wants each and every camper to share in his love for camp, and dedicates himself to making every day at Camp W a memorable one. His additional experiences working with children include 25 years spent working as a math teacher and has operated Bar Mitzvah Bouncer since 1998. He is married with three children, all of whom are proud Camp W attendees. If you see Evan at camp, he is most likely singing or playing with the campers. After all, he’s never stopped being a camper himself!

Patrice Bagdoff, Camp W Summer CampPatrice (Camp Nurse)

Patrice Bagdoff is a retired school nurse with over thirty years of experience who has been at Camp W since 2015. Evan calls her a “walking Hallmark card” since she’s incredibly loving and invariably cheery. Patrice sees to the care of all of our campers, and they like going to her because they know they’ll get a hug, a sticker, or often both. Patrice is married with two children of her own and two grandchildren. She treats scrapes and wounds with band-aids, antiseptic, and plenty of TLC.

Sean Feldman, Camp W Summer CampSean (Division Head)

Sean Feldman brings over 25 years of experience to Camp W as our Middle Camp Division Head. He is married with a daughter, has a master’s degree in education, works during the school year as an elementary teacher, and is a chaperone for Evan’s Bar Mitzvah Bouncer service. His favorite things to do are to travel, take walks with his family, and make kids laugh. He’s pretty much the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet, and always takes the time to get to know each and every parent and all of the kids under his care.

chery briller, camp w summer campCheryl (Office Manager) Cheryl Briller, our office manager, is always friendly and happy to help parents with questions or concerns. She is an absolutely fantastic communi­cator, treats everyone with kindness and respect, and is consistently eager to be of assistance. Cheryl keeps all Camp W parents informed about camp programs and upcoming events. Her hobbies include spending time with her family and going to the beach. When you speak to Cheryl over the phone, you can tell she’s smiling.

Kevin Lau, camp W summer campKevin (Division Head)

Kevin Lau has been with Camp W since 2017 and is our Upper Camp Division Head. During the school year, Kevin works as a physical education teacher. Any time of the camp day, you’ll find Kevin with a smile on his face and plenty of energy. He is a father of two and loves teaching kids. He also enjoys power-lifting and considers himself a “jump rope enthusiast” and a techie – in fact, it was Kevin who put together our drone video, which we hope you’ll take a moment to watch.

mike flanagan, camp w summer campMike (Activity Specialist Director)

Mike Flanagan is our multi-talented everything man – he can juggle, play guitar, and knows sports inside and out. He’s been working at camps for seventeen years and brings a ton of passion and creativity to all of our special events. Mike is a teacher and is married with four children. He says his favorite thing about camp is that it gives him the opportunity to see kids learn, grow, and develop new skills.


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