Getting Ready for Summer Camp 2022 in Melville, NY

Mar 11, 2022

Evan Wofsy, Camp W Summer CampOwner Directo

Evan Wofsy, Camp Owner & Director

We’re getting close! Spring is almost here, and before you know it, you’ll be preparing for another great summer at Camp W in Melville!

Of course, here at camp we’ve been preparing since the day after last summer ended – planning more great events, activities, and surprises to give every kid a truly extraordinary experience and every parent an incredible value. Because it’s our passion – it’s what we do, and it’s what’s made us such a beloved camp and, to many, the best camp on Long Island.

As for what you, the parent, can do to prepare – a question we get all the time – here are some helpful reminders, starting with the things you should send in with your camper:

We recommend that all kids come to camp with sunglasses, suntan lotion, a towel, a Ziplock bag for wet bathing suits, their Camp W water bottle, and a snack if they’re in Late Care. You should have plenty of room for everything in the Camp W bag we provide. So that nothing gets lost, we strongly suggest that every item you send in has the child’s first and last name on it.

Those are the items you need. Yet there’s something else you should send your kid in with that’s even more important: the right perspective. The best thing you can do, especially if your child is a new camper, is to send him or her in looking to try new things and make new friends. Speak with them about putting themselves out there, talking to others, sharing with the other kids, and being positive and friendly.

We encourage you, too, to try to reach out to other parents when you see a brand-new friendship forming between kids. Children will often emulate what their parents do, and if they see you reaching out, they’ll often try to do so as well. And we’re happy to help facilitate the process in whatever way we can.

If your child is a returning camper, speak with them about welcoming newer kids into the group. Kids will automatically gravitate to the familiar, seeking out friends they’re already comfortable with. But that means that they sometimes miss out on opportunities to form new relationships. You can help by asking them about the kids in the group and suggesting that they introduce themselves to the first-timers.

It’s probably also best to go over the camp rules again and tell your child what kind of behavior you expect. Camp is a terrific experience, but it only works if there’s the proper structure. We want everyone to start off on the right foot, so talk with your camper about listening to the counselors and following directions.

We try very hard to keep open an effective system of communication. If you need to send in a note with your child, please make sure it has their first and last name and their group, and please give it directly to the bus counselor (or a staff member if you’re dropping off) so that there’s no chance it doesn’t reach us. Sometimes parents put a note in their camper’s bag and assume that we’ve received it, and yet our counselors never see it. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

If you’re like me, you’re probably counting the days till camp begins, and doubtless all of our campers are getting extremely excited right about now. It’s going to be phenomenal, I assure you. We just need your help to ensure that every kid is ready and can just concentrate on having an outstanding time.

As always, if you need anything, please reach out.