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Gymnastics at Camp W

Jan 12, 2019

Camp W campers come from Huntington, Melville, Dix Hills, Commack, Plainview, Syosset and a few other towns but regardless of where they come they all love our gymnastics program. Incorporating a safe environment with mats and a certified instructor and our campers excel and learn new skills to bring home and practice.

Camp W gymnastics is run by a certified coach that is experienced in 10+ years of gymnastics and cheerleading. We promote learning and developing new skills in a safe manner while challenging your child to try new things. What is great about gymnastics is all age groups, boys and girls, are able to try it during one of the periods for our odd and evenweeks and our Middle and Upper camp have the chance to pick it for our Choice Periods to learn even more.

In our camp group lessons, it is more focused on strength and flexibility skills as well as basic skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, hand stands, cart wheels and bridges. This helps create a foundation for your child to add on skills to these basics and eventually be able to implement it in future periods as well as beyond camp. In our choice period settings, your child, whether having experience or not, will get individual time and opportunity to focus on skills they want to get that they may not have the opportunity to work on in groups. Skills that are more focused in these settings are back handsprings on floor and cheese mat, balanced hand stands on the beam, front and back walk overs starting on cheese mats and the floor.

After the success of our gymnastics program these past few summers, we look forward to more campers coming back and continuing to expand on their skills. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see you at Camp W