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Arts and Crafts at Camp W

Jan 12, 2019

By Kristin (aka: “the Crazy Art Lady”)

Summer Camp in Melville at Camp W is such a special place. I like to help make it special by planning the most exciting and challenging art projects. I have always loved teaching art classes and making things, the more crazy and creative the better! I want to encourage the campers to be outrageous and experimental with their ideas and with their materials. I enjoy the look on the camper’s faces when they have successfully brought the ideas in their heads into fruition and when “happy accidents” bring about something unexpected and thrilling!

During the summer I get to meet with each group of campers during the week. We get to work on our drawing, sculpting, painting, or just have slime day. I would like all of the campers to participate in the planned assignment, but if they have a different idea that they would like to work on, I will always encourage flexible thinking!

Choice periods are some of my favorite classes. Not only do the campers choose to be in Arts and Crafts, but they also get to choose the theme of the project they make. There are so many art choices: Cartooning, Canvas Painting, Comic Book Design, Edible Art, Everything Glitter, Jewelry Making, Monster Boxes, Plaster Creations, String Art, Spa Class and so much more. My favorite “Choice” period is Puppet Making. For two weeks, the campers are able to make four different types of puppets: sock puppets, finger puppets, pop up puppets, and marionettes. The campers decide on their own style, color, and materials! We have a lot of fun, get very messy but that’s just what Camp W is all about.