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I know this sounds crazy but Evan had a personal connection with every kid. He knew everyone by their nicknames.
He greeted everyone every morning and said good bye to everybody with so much energy.The guy was everywhere. I have no idea how he did it. This may be his dream but he couldn’t have picked something better than this that could suit the person he is. Every time my daughter was uncertain about trying something he would talk to her personally and make it seem like she could anything. She put her mind to and she would go for it and then be proud of herself. He is an amazing person a real self esteem builder.
Mrs. Citron
“What’s not love about Camp W? Working in NYC means I am not close if issues arise but everyone that works there is so nice and friendly that it helps put my mind at ease that my son is well cared for. My son absolutely loved coming to camp and is so sad that its over. I showed him the deposit check for next summer and he just smiled. We want to thank all the staff for an amazing summer.”
Hollie Garrido


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