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american camp accredited summer camp

We believe that your child should be exposed to many mediums of art so that they can explore their artistic abilities and discover new hobbies!

Creative Arts Classes at Camp W Summer Camp

Other classes that you may not be familiar with are:

  • Boas and Bling – Create luxurious art projects such as glitter pens, keepsake boxes, magnets, jeweled butterflies and signs.
  • Create a Super hero – Create your own identity, costume and comic book.
  • Dream Books – Create awesome journals that show the world your dreams.
  • Duct Tape Doo Dads – Learn to make anything out of colored duct tape from wallets to things you can wear!
  • Glitz and Glam – Everything looks better with a little sparkle. Make fuzzy locker mirrors, sparkly containers, feathered evening bags, and gorgeous pens.
  • Kissin Critters – Using yarn and plastic canvas, learn to make adorable 3-sided imaginative creatures.