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Camp W’s enthusiastic staff is the foundation and backbone of the camp. Our nurturing and experienced counselors consists of professional teachers, parents, college students and high school students. Counselors call you weekly to discuss your child’s experience at Camp W and are always available to speak to you. Our “family atmosphere” gives staff the opportunity to really get to know your child. Our staff is committed to providing an exciting, enjoyable and safe summer experience for every camper.

  • Evan(Owner/Director)

    Evan is the owner and director of Camp W. He has more than 30 years of camp experience and uses his experience to guide the camp. He is also a Middle School Math Teacher and owns the Bar Mitzvah Bouncer Company. Evan is married and has three children. If you see Evan at camp, he is most likely singing or playing with the campers.

  • Debbie(Assistant Director)

    Debbie has been the Assistant Director of Camp W since it opened in 2015. She is in charge of Kiddie Camp (Campers in Pre K through 1st grade) and works in the Camp Office in the off season. Debbie is married and has two daughters. In her free time, she loves to go to the beach and write poetry. When you stop by camp, you will see Debbie’s big smile and her hugging all the Kiddie Campers.

  • Mike(Division Head)

    Mike is a Division Head at Camp W for Upper Camp (Campers in 4th grade through 8th grade). Mike is also a Phys Ed teacher and a High School Wrestling Coach. Mike is married with two daughters. Mike is famous at Camp W for his funny jokes that he tells right before Choice Periods.

  • Kelly( Special Event Director/Ceramics Counselor)

    Kelly is the Special Event Director and Ceramics Counselor. Kelly is enthuisastic and organized and those characteristics are so important when coordinating all the Theme days, and special events at Camp W.

  • Patrice(Camp Nurse)

    Patrice has been the camp nurse since Camp W started. Sweet, caring, nutaring and easy to talk to are just some of her special qualities. Campers love to go to the nurse’s office just to get a hug or a sticker from Patrice. Evan says she is just a walking Hallmark card.

  • Andrea(Office Manager)

    Andrea is the Office Manager. When you call camp or come to the office to sign your child out of camp you get the pleasure of speaking with her. Andrea is also an elementary school teacher and is married with two boys.

Camp W is not affiliated with South Huntington Union Free School District.