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How to plan summer camp activities

Jan 13, 2020

How to plan summer camp activities is not an easy task. You really want to plan activities that campers love. Camp W has a philosophy of always getting feedback from its campers since they are the ones participating in the activities. The first thing we do when planning our summer schedule is to survey our campers and find out what they enjoy doing at camp and what activities they look forward to doing at Camp W. Campers will complete the survey and so will their parents since sometimes campers are more comfortable telling their parents then a camp staff member.

Once all the information is gathered from the campers, then the leadership staff at Camp W will sit down and put all the information on a board and discuss what camp activities should be planned for next summer. You need to have a combination of activities for the younger campers the campers in elementary school and then your oldest campers in junior high. Some of these activities will become part of the camp tradition and done every summer and others will be done once every few years. How to plan summer camp activities is not an easy task concerning so many variables are involved. Are the activities for boys or girls? Are the activities inside or outside? Are the activities athletically geared or more creative arts? What age group are these activities for? Should staff participate in these activities? When is a good day to have this activity?

How to plan summer camp activities takes a lot of work. Camp W starts to plan their summer activities in November and spends the next 8 months doing just that. For the summer of 2020 Camp W has planned for Crazy Hair Day, Waterslide Day, Limbo Contest, Reptile Show, Group Tournament Day, Make Your Own Sundae, Dress Like Your Counselor Day, Late Night for Middle Campers, Picture Day, Group Lip Sync Contest, Puppet Show, Game Truck, Camper Talent Show, Camp Gee Contest, Color Run, Camp Bingo, Pajama Day, Color War, Game Show, Future Day, Water Olympics, Moving Up Program and Camp party. There are so many camp activities at Camp W and planning for them takes a lot of patience and hard work.