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Activities for kindergarteners

Jan 11, 2020

Camp W has an array of spectacular activities for kindergarteners. These camp activities include T-Ball, dodgeball, soccer, kickball, gymnastics, karate, music, ceramics, cooking, arts & crafts computers, swimming and so much more. All these camp activities for kindergarteners are taught by specialists who have experience in their activity. These camp activities for kindergarteners are 40 minutes long. The specialist will spend about 10-12 minutes giving instructions and explaining and the rest of the time campers are hands on during the activity. The counselors of these groups are always present to help supervise and guide the campers during the activity. Certain camp activities for kindergarteners do not have a specialist. Some examples of activities that don’t use specialists are: Kiddie Corner, where campers play with toys and playhouses in their air conditioned locker rooms. Another activity that does not involve specialists would be the playground or kickball.

The camp activities for kindergarteners are always geared towards their age. The purpose of that is so that do not get frustrated during the activity. We would never schedule for kindergarteners to make a level 3 rocket as that is to advanced for them and they would not be able to build the rocket. Instead we have snap together rockets for that age group. When it comes to athletics we would are teaching the basics of the sport. Many kindergarteners this is their first experience getting any sports instruction. Learning to kick a soccer ball or pass a soccer ball is going to be the focus of the lesson. In a creative arts activity the focus is going to be exposure of art. Letting the kindergartener experiment with paint or glue is going to be a fantastic experience for them.

In a music class kindergarteners will use drumsticks, or touch the keys on a keyboard or hold a plastic flute. Just making the sounds will delight them let alone make any real music. Dance class kindergarteners will play musical chairs or freeze dance to sounds of Disney or other related music to kindergarteners.

Camp W has so many activities for kindergarteners to enjoy and explore. Our goal is to expose them to 85 different activities we have at camp and let them experience these activities in a fun, safe and instructional environment where they can make friends have a fabulous summer experience.