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Trip Week 8 th Week of Camp 2021

The last week of camp is a bitter-sweet time for us at Camp W in Melville: while we’re sorry to see things drawing to a close, we’re also very excited because we know that it’s “Trip Week,” which means every kid throughout the camp will be visiting a new place each day.

Trip Week kicks off with Adventureland on Monday. We show up at 10AM and spend the day riding everything in the place, breaking only for a half-hour lunch. We bring tons of extra security with us, led by a retired police office, so that the kids feel safe and can concentrate on just having fun. The ratio works out to approximately one staff member for every three kids, and the nurse is there in case we come across any scrapes or bruises. The kids absolutely love it. By the time we pack back onto the buses several hours later, everyone is usually exhausted, but exhilarated, with wide smiles all around.

On Tuesday we go to see the Long Island Ducks, an 11AM game. What’s great about the Ducks is they’re tremendously kid-friendly, with interactive events between innings, a terrific arcade, and, of course, plenty of food. We always sit in a nice shady spot so that the kids are out of the sun, and the stadium is cozy enough so that you really feel like you’re close to the action. The players also tend to be super-friendly, which makes for an even better experience.

Wednesday finds us at Dave & Buster’s in Westbury, where we get the entire place to ourselves all day. We station security by all of the entrances and let the kids roam free, with unlimited game-play. There’s air hockey and Skee-Ball, zombie shoot-outs, and plenty of prizes to be won. Lunch takes place in a giant dining hall, where the kids are treated to an enormous buffet that includes chicken, pizza bagels, pasta, various kinds of sodas and juices, cookies, and brownies. 

Thursday brings a double-feature: we start off at Bowlmor in Melville, taking up 35 of their 40 lanes. Once again, we bring a lot of security with us, stationing people by the entrance and the bathrooms so that kids can feel comfortable both bowling and using the arcade. After we finish up there, we head on over to Elwood Cinemas, where each division sees a different movie, and kids are treated to popcorn and soda.

On Friday the younger kids (pre-K through grade four) go to Bouncers and Slydos, where they jump, climb, do obstacles, swim in the ball pit, and generally run amok in glee. The older kids get to go to Urban Air in Lake Grove, where they defy gravity on the giant trampolines, play all sorts of unique games, and jet around on the zip line. It is definitely some intense fun.

All the camp comes back together in the latter half of the day for our tremendous end-of-summer banquet, where we feast like royalty, then watch the Camp W summer video with highlights from the season while dessert is served. There’s laughter and camaraderie all around, with the solitary sad note being that we’ll have to wait till next year to do it all again. Hugs and high-fives are exchanged, along with lanyard bracelets and promises to keep in touch. Then everyone loads onto the buses, their bellies filled with food and their heads filled with fond memories.


Week 8 trips – “Trip Week”

Eighth week of camp is completely different; not at camp each day; entire camp goes on trips each day

One day to Adventureland – get there at 10am (an hour early); go on Mondays

Bring in security, some drivers, BM Bouncers, ex-cop

Three campers to every staff member

Half-hour for lunch

Kids go on every ride imaginable

Nurse is there

On Tuesday: LI Ducks game

11am game

Get lunch there

Sit in the shade

Very kid-friendly: bouncy house and games, arcade

On Wednesday: Dave and Buster’s

There all day

Security at the entrances; whole place to themselves

Serve lunch in a huge dining hall; buffet lunch: pizza bagels, pasta, soda, cookies, brownies

Unlimited games


Leave around 2:30

Thursday: Bowlmor in Melville

Take up 35 lanes (out of 40)

Staff by the entrances and bathrooms


They have lunch

Leave there after two hours and go to Elwood Movie Theater: a movie for each division; kids get popcorn, drinks

Security all around and no one there but Camp W

Friday: Younger kids go to Bouncers and Slydos (pre-k through grade 4)

Four different bounce houses

Zip line

Obstacle course

Ball pit

Older kids go to Urban Air: indoor zip line, trampolines

Everyone comes back at noon for the camp banquet, lots of food; after the banquet everyone watches the camp video; kids have a ton of different desserts

By Evan Wofsy

Camp W is not affiliated with South Huntington Union Free School District.