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Bus Transportation

Camp begins as soon as we pick up your child curbside in the morning and ends when we drop your child curbside at home. Our busses are equipped with air-conditioning, seat belts and seat twenty to thirty campers. Each bus will have a bus counselor checking every camper to make sure their seat belt is on.  An adult must be outside with the camper at the end of the driveway in the morning and waiting at the end of the driveway at drop off in the afternoon.  Failure to follow this procedure and the camper will not be allowed to receive bus service.   The busses are on a strict time schedule so this policy is strictly enforced.

Our bus drivers focus on driving safely to camp while the bus counselor will interact with your child on the bus. The bus counselor will escort your child on the bus and make sure their seat belt is on before the bus moves. Bus counselors also escort your child off the bus. You must be waiting curbside when the bus arrives. Bus transportation is only guaranteed to and from Melville, Dix Hills and Plainview.  Transportation to all neighboring towns are subject to availability.

Own Driving

Parents have the option of driving their child to and from camp. Drop-off is between 8:30am and 8:50am and pick-up is at 3:45pm. Parents who do their own driving will get a $25 discount for every full week.  If your child is enrolled in early care or late care there is no own driving discount.