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Our 5 year old daughter was right at home the first moment she started at Camp W Day Camp. From the warm staff and counselors, to the amazing array of activities. Camp W made a huge impression on my daughter that has lasted into the school year. Our daughter still talks about Uncle Evan and loving karate and swimming. Long Island is lucky to have such an amazing camp at its fingertips.

Sheryl Levy

Thank you for an OUTSTANDING summer. All three of our kids Ariel 10, Vasilli 8 and Anastasia 4 enjoyed the wide variety of activities you offered. The Water-slide Wednesdays were a huge favorite!!! Vasill loved the barbecues LOL!!! Huge thank you Evan to you and your staff for making this the most amazing summer for our children. Your love and patience for the kids is what made Camp W perfect for our family. We can’t wait until the summer of 2016!!!!!!!!!!

Paraskevopoulos Family

Our four kids absolutely LOVED Camp W and could not wait to go everyday. They never wanted to go to day camp until they found Camp W. Now summer can’t come soon enough for them ! Everyone is so nice and fun, everyone has a smile on their face…which is comforting to see. It’s nice to see the staff wanting to make kids happy and putting their needs first. Evan goes out of his way to make your kids camp experience perfect and that’s just what he did for my kids. We are looking forward to another fantastic summer at Camp W.

Basta Family

My 8 year old son attended Camp W last year and LOVED it. We signed him up for 6 weeks( to work around a family vacation) and all he said since camp is that next year he doesn’t want to miss a single day and reminds me of that all the time. My son previously attend another camp but his enthusiasm for Camp W is unparalleled. It’s nice to see him so excited each day as he bounces out the door. Camp W was a great experience for my son and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a day camp.

Shavawn Lockhart

I just wanted to drop a note and express to Evan and the staff the deepest thanks and appreciation for giving my son the best summer camp experience . Having experienced summer’s at other notable camps in the area “Nothing comes close to Camp W” my son’s words not mine. Everyday he came home with a smile on his face and eager for the next day at camp. I thank you for the personal care you instill at your camp , for my son would say that everyone of the staff new him by name! He will definitely be coming back next summer and we are sending our daughter as well. We are all looking forward to another great summer. Keep up the amazing job and thank you for making such a fun day camp.

– Kati and Michael Sklar

After being at another camp from age three she switched to Camp W and was very happy. She stated to me that her counselors were so nice and camp was so much fun. Evan and his staff made not only the campers but parents feel at home. Each day of camp was something different and they had so many different programs. My daughter loved the idea of being in a group and yet being able to select many different activities on her own. What a fabulous summer experience. Jordyn is so excited to return to camp and enjoy another summer with her new friends and share more fun times.


My daughter attended Camp W last summer and was in the Senior Girls group. My daughter loved Camp W and had an amazing experience. Bottom line, she had a blast!!!!!!!!!! She was active all summer with swimming, sports crafts, magic shows, dance and gymnastics. She loved the barbecues, pizza parties and daily ice cream. She made everlasting friendships and also saw familiar faces from the Half Hollow School District. Evan and his entire staff were kind, caring, supportive and very enthusiastic. What touched me the most was the relationship that developed between my daughter and her counselors. My daughter came home everyday excited and inspired. When she participated in the Camp Newspaper, she wrote her articles with creativity, and was encouraged and supported all the time. When making plans for this upcoming summer, there was no discussion, my daughter wanted Camp W again. She is looking forward to Camp Sleepover!!!!!!!!!

D. Rodriguez

In the spring of 2015 I started looking into day camp options for my then 8 and 10 year old girls. I work full time and needed a plan. I came across a new camp, Camp W, and saw they were having an open house. My daughters wanted nothing to do with camp, but wanted to sleep in, watch TV and go to their friend’s houses all summer. I dragged them to an open house and a little over an hour or so later we left the building with smiles, excitement and a few camp giveaways. They could not wait for camp to start, having seen just a glimpse of what was to come. The summer went by super-fast! They loved the ability to choose what they wanted to do, had a blast with their counselors and friends, and went to bed every night exhausted! (A mother’s dream!) As a parent, it was amazing to see how a simple school field turned into sports heaven every day, or how Carnival day had so many bounce houses, slides and things to do! (I was jealous that I had been at work) Everyone at Camp W was super friendly, and I never had to drag my girls out of bed in the mornings. Before camp was over for the summer they were already talking about summer 2016. Well, the girls are signed back up again and are looking forward to their next awesome summer at Camp W.”

-Tanya Guarisco-

As full time working parents, we were prepared to send our 6 year old child once again to his day care summer travel program. We were concerned because after attending this program for 2 years, he was already experiencing boredom after the travel part of his camp day was over and “open play” became the remainder of his day. Our son clearly needed more to be engaged, but he was afraid to try something new and had repeatedly refused to experience any camp, other than the one he was currently attending. He had never had any formal exposure to sports either, which was something we wanted to introduce him to.

We remember reading an ad in a children’s magazine for Camp W. It was their first year in business and a brand new camp. It caught our attention because of it’s tagline…”Where Friendships Are Made”. We were intrigued, and we attended their second open house of the winter. From the moment we pulled up to the driveway of the campus, we were greeted, waved to, smiled at, and given warm welcomes at every turn. The staff were a bunch of the happiest people we have ever met….(And they were still the happiest bunch by the end of the summer as well!) We were introduced to samples of several hands on activities going on all at once- Magic, Mad Science, Soccer in the gym across the way, Arts and Crafts, Karate, Music, Caricature drawings and Lego computer animation. Our son went through every activity of his own volition in just two hours, while we the parents were able to learn about the summer program. After the open house, our son adamantly said to us, “I want to go here!” We signed our name on the dotted line immediately. We hadn’t seen our son this excited about taking the leap to try something new, and in turn we didn’t waste a moment. Plus, it helped that the price was right…Reasonable and affordable.

Fast forward to our son’s Camp W experience: In short, it was nothing less than amazing! Like many parents who signed up for the first year of this new camp, we knew we were the test group. We had our fingers crossed that all would come to fruition as promised. Though after meeting the Camp Director, Evan Wofsy and seeing his passion and conviction about his love and dream of owning his own camp finally fulfilled, we knew in our hearts that this program would absolutely succeed…..and it sure did.

We will never forget Day 4 of camp. It was the day our son told us he wanted to come back next year- and here’s why: My son made friends….ALOT of friends. He tried and learned new things in a supportive, safe and caring environment. He learned all about plastic modeling, experienced awesome and fascinating science experiments, art animation and design, dancing, gymnastics, basketball, “pillow” polo, floor hockey, performed on stage, attended a 2 week magic workshop, and learned how to swim with Red Cross swim instruction provided daily, in addition to Water Slide Wednesdays! We should also mention that Evan certainly has a knack for the “element of surprise” and would infuse daily activities with carnivals, game shows, a cool guy with a lot of reptiles for kids to see and handle (safely!), a variety shows and daily fun age appropriate entertainment…Did we mention ice cream and ice snacks daily and pizza for lunch on Thursdays and a weekly BBQ on Friday’s? We only wish we had this experience as kids!

The staff and his counselor’s became our son’s buddies and our extended family. Even picking up our son from camp was an adventure: he never walked out….it was always a “piggy-back” ride from one of the counselors to our car! We received phone calls one a week from his counselors just to let us know how our son was doing.

If you are looking for an amazing summer experience for your child, this is it for every reason we can think of! A word-class summer camp experience at a reasonable price.

Thank you Camp W!….We can’t wait to see you again this summer!!!

The Rodrigues Family

Camp W

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