Summer camp 2020

Jan 13, 2020

Its may be cold and gray outside with people wearing jackets and hats and the calendar is on the month of January. However, before you know it, summer camp 2020 will be here and Camp W in Melville it a great place to for your child to spend their summer. Summer camp 2020 is a time when children will be out of school and no extracurricular activities and no homework. Children will be free of responsibilities and summer camp 2020 will be enjoyed by children all across Long Island.

Summer camp 2020 will be a time for children to be playing and making friends and the best place to do that is at Camp W. Camp W offers small groups with a camper to staff ratio of 3:1 so campers get a lot of attention and supervision. When playing soccer for example campers would each have a ball to dribble through cones or pass to their partner. Since the maximum group size is 15 the instructor and counselors would be able to give a lot of hands on instruction. Many activities are also team building so campers must work together to solve them. Group Performance Skits is one of the many team building activities that campers must communicate, strategize and work together to solve. Once again the group size plays a big part in this. Since the groups only have 15 campers or less the children really get to know each other and work together so strong bonds get formed. This is just another example of why Camp W in Melville, Long Island is so good for children.

When you think about summer camps 2020 you think of specialty camps, traditional camps, day camps and sleep away camps but thing is for sure people recognize that camps are a wonderful opportunity for children to spend their summer. Many new activities are planned for summer camps 2020 such as STEM, new American Ninja, and other computer related activities. It may be 6 months away but all summer camps 2020 are getting prepared.