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New Kiddie Camp Division Head at Camp W

Jan 8, 2019

I come to this fabulous summer camp in Melville, NY, Camp W, super-excited to weld together two worlds of passion: children and leadership. I love the Dix Hills area and now I have the opportunity to be the Division Head for Kiddie Camp at Camp W. For over 15 years, I have been an early childhood teacher, both at home and internationally. I love the contagious joy of children and how easy it is to camouflage so well in their midst. Of course being 4’11 and bubbly in nature helps a bit. Staffing international tours and college orientations have given me great insight and depth into working with people of all ages.

On my spare time, I dabble in some country music, Latin tunes, Zumba instruction, and being a mommy of two! You will often find me telling a joke or doing a squat or push up for fun. I plan to bring my responsible attitude, high-spirits and various experiences with me to this wonderful camp in Long Island, Camp W and contribute to making it a triumph of bonding, self-discovery, and good old fun!

Written by Stefanie Losonci