Day Camps Near Me

Jan 14, 2020

There are many day camps near me in Suffolk County. All of the day camps are very nice but Camp W is the one for me. Camp W is located at 121 Wolf Hill Road in Melville, which is one of many day camps near me. Located on seven acres of flat property Camp W has two soccer fields, a baseball field, wiffleball field, kickball field, two gag a pits, two volleyball courts, a capture the flag field, three forty foot tents with the camp colors red and blue on it and flags and banners that have the Camp W logo and name on it.

Camp W which is located at the Birchwood Intermediate school in Melville, uses the inside of the school as well as the outside of the property. Camp W one of many day camps near me, uses 18 classrooms for their camp activities as well as the gym and cafeteria. The rooms are used for arts & crafts, karate, gymnastics, game room , camp lounge, computer room, cooking, Camp W, one of the many day camps near me, has so many other activities as well. They use some rooms for plastic models, fitness room, remote control cars, Lego Room, Virtual Reality Room, Nerf Room, Ceramics room, dance room ,music room and two of the rooms are used as locker rooms. Camp W does not use the second floor of Birchwood school.

The other day camps near me are much bigger than Camp W in terms of amount of campers. Some of the day camps near me have over 700 campers. Camp W has about 350 campers. Some of the other day camps near me have animal farms on their campus. Most of the day camps near me have a nursery school in session during the off season. There are a lot of day camps on Long Island to choose from and my choice is to be at Camp W.

By Evan Wofsy